Sunday, 6 May 2007

Baby gifts

Today we have been to visit some friends and their new baby. We met Dave at Oxford lots of years ago and now they're all settled down and we couldn't be happier for them. Elsie and Millie made some pictures for the baby using a toy airbrush I bought on an impulse just before Christmas. We hope she likes them!

Many of our friends have had babies in the last couple of years - must be something to do with our age! - and my standard baby gift has become a little soft doll and a copy of Goodnight Moon.

The doll is based on one I found a pattern for years ago but I didn't like the knots for the feet so I stitch them. The idea is for the mum to sleep with the doll one night and then give it to the baby so it can comfort them. I don't know if that works or not but all the babies seem to like them. They are very soft and snuggly!

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