Sunday, 8 April 2007

Wood anemones

We are keen visitors to NGS Open Gardens and most weekends from spring to mid summer find us scouring the pages of the yellow book to find someone else's garden to poke around in. Usually we come away inspired, sometimes a bit envious, occasionally even a little downhearted - how come these people can grow lots of plants that I have no luck with?

There are a few essential elements though - there has to be tea, ideally a plant stall, and it's no good if a garden is described as "eccentric" - romantic, wild, cottagey, yes, but sorry, I don't go for zany in a garden. We did visit one that had some very odd topiary and a flowerbed shaped like a paint splat complete with an upturned pot of paint at one end - all in a tiny garden no bigger than ours; not really my cup of tea.

Today, we found a gem. In Arlington there is a farm that opens each year to allow people to walk for miles through bluebell filled woods. I've never seen anything like it, it's quite breathtaking. Anyway, it's still a little too early for bluebells, but today the garden of the farm that owns the wood was open for the NGS and we went along. The garden was very lovely (and being continually developed) and the teas were something else. But the highlight for me was seeing the woods filled with a sea of white anemones, stretching into the distance, and with my two blonde angels wandering through and dipping sticks in the ponds.