Friday, 20 April 2007

Tie dying

I had a plan to try out tie dye over the Easter holidays, but it didn't happen for one reason and another. This week we were all back at work and school and nursery and rushed off our feet, but yesterday afternoon I decided to stuff the housework and have some patterny fun. We found some instructions online to help with the folding and rubber banding, and the girls chose the patterns they wanted for their T-shirts. We used Dylon Radiant Pink cold water dye - very, very pink it was too!

I dyed some old cotton pillowcases at the same time to use for bags, skirts etc, but in the end Elsie liked two of them so much she has claimed them for her bed! We followed the instructions for the weight of fabric to dye, but to be honest I think we could have done loads more and still achieved intense pinkness. Definitely an experiment to be repeated, though I'll try to keep some of the results for my own purposes next time.

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