Thursday, 26 April 2007

Sparkly thread and organza

Last year I asked for a new sewing machine for my birthday, so I could easily put in buttonholes and zips and that had more than three stitches. We bought a Husqvarna Viking and it has been wonderful for everything I've needed so far. One of the reasons for buying a new model was that I really wanted to have a go at free machine embroidery and I couldn't lower the feed dogs on my old machine which makes it a bit of a non starter. I've been collecting threads and fabrics and ideas, and finally got around to starting last night. And it was so much fun!

Slightly weird feeling - and should the foot really be hovering a couple of millimeters above the fabric? It certainly makes free movement very easy but I am not convinced that's quite as it should be. I'll have to phone the shop. I stopped when the thread started breaking on a new reel of cotton - it's probably easily fixed but after the third time pulling out the bobbin case to fish out knots of gold thread I decided enough was enough for one night, but I shall be back for more tonight!


  1. I totally LOVE your free motion embroidery! It's beautiful, I really like your color choices!

    Thanks so much for linking to me!

  2. This is gorgeous!
    Love your blog - thanks for linking to me.
    j xxxx


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