Thursday, 26 April 2007

Oh the cuteness

Recently I got my act together and phoned the Saffron School of Dance to see if they had any spaces for Elsie and Millie to start classes there. They have been pestering me for ballet classes since reading Angelina Ballerina, and one of the girls at work recommended this as a friendly little place to try. Elsie did start at a local class in a village hall just after she started school last year but it was all too tiring on a Friday afternoon so we didn't last more than a couple of weeks.

I'm glad we left it a while because Elsie is loving her new ballet classes, particularly since she now has the same uniform as the other little girls, bar the wrap which I couldn't quite bring myself to buy - she's a hot little mortal and never keeps a cardigan on for more than five minutes at a time anyway. She let me put her hair up and wore a pink hairband to keep it out of her eyes and when she held out her skirt and ran in to the class with the others she looked so grown up and so at home I must confess to a little tear. Rewind to last Autumn when she would come out of each class feeling fed up because she "couldn't do it". I'm so glad we changed teachers.

Millie had her first class last week and wanted to wear her ballet shoes and fairy dress. This one is a mother & toddler class which means I have to join in (though sadly not dressed up as a fairy). We used to go to something similar before Elsie started school but the timings just don't quite work now with that one. We were annoyingly 5 minutes late since I had an argument with a radiator that fell off the wall just as we were about to leave for school (!) so it was a bit daunting for her to walk in to the studio, and she hid behind me for a little while, but once we started with "Bend your knees, bend your knees, now Mummy lift you UP!" she was fine. Her favourite part was twirling around my fingers, and jumping from one end of the studio to the other to the Tigger song. She says she wants to go back this week which is just as well since I've had to pay for the term!

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