Friday, 20 April 2007

Neighbours of Duxford

We were a bit restless after we got back on Friday so to cheer us all up we climbed into the car and went to visit the planes at Duxford.

Both girls felt like ice cream, and climbing in the playground, and then we decided to ride on the land train up to the Land Warfare hall - not to look at the tanks, you understand, but instead to see the muddy boots in the entrance hall there. "Them dirty", announced Millie, and then they both ran down the hill towards the American Hangar.

While we were wiating for the train back again two Spitfires (or were they Hurricanes?) took off and started doing aerobatics, gracefully soaring up and down and flying past with that lovely characteristic sound. Elsie and Millie were very excited to see them and have decided they would like to go to the next airshow. We shall see.

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