Friday, 6 April 2007

Happy Easter!

We finally got the Easter decorations together in time for dinner on Maundy Thursday; we're going to my parents' for Easter itself so this was my last chance to make a bit of an effort. Millie was fascinated by the hot glue gun I used to attach ribbons to the various eggs - though I wish I could figure out how to use the flipping thing without leaving cobwebby trails of glue all over everything. We had cut some hazel twigs from the garden the day before and they opbligingly uncurled their leaves just in time for dinner.

We put the felt eggs into a bowl I painted years ago when I had a decent workspace, and introduced a few cheery chicks to help set the scene.

I decided we should have a real celebration dinner (a couple of days early but what the hey), so we had a butternut squash and mushroom lasagne from the Cranks Bible, and I made a small version of Nigella's Easter egg nest cake from Feast - I made it last year and had forgotten just how dense and rich and chocolatey it is. Absolutely splendid, but once a year is definitely enough!

The girls made their Easter cards to take to the family - I cut out lots of flowers for them but the rest of it is their work. They chose the flower colours too and Elsie drew little hearts to be the flower middles. She would have liked to have just hearts on the cards but we had enough hearts last week to last us a while!

Last night (while I was meant to be packing) I made so little bags to hold tiny eggs for the girls for Sunday. It's good to have the chance to do little fun projects after all those long curtain seams. The bags are lilac satin lined with pink heart (!) material, and organza ribbon ties. I was rather nervous in case I broke a needle sewing in the beading, but it worked out fine in the end. I might do these as party bags when we get to Elsie's party time again - assuming she doesn't invite too many small people!

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