Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Fun in the garden

The weather has been just stunning the last few days, so we've spent as much time outside as we possibly can. Lots of tidying up to be done (and undone as the sand pit gets emptied all over the place) and planning of what to change in the garden this summer, what worked last year and what is now a bit tired.

We have a very pretty clematis Armandii that is breathtaking for two weeks in spring when it flowers. The scent is delicious though you have to get up close to smell it. We originally planted it to cover the trellis, but it has been gradually pushed out by a Hall's Prolific honeysuckle and forced to escape up into the trees and over onto the house next door (whoops). We're going to put an arbour in the dull corner over which it is trailing where nothing will gro in the ground, and that should support it well and encourage it to ramble along the edge of our garden.

I introduced the girls to veg planting as well - they have chosen to grow broad beans and sweetcorn this year so we carefully measured even spacings for the broad beans in our little intensive veg bed. Then I came back today to find that Millie had taken all the remaining beans and was carefully planting them in one big hole. Oh well - we'll have some thinning to do!

A couple of summers back we put up a play house for the girls - I had a great time painting it and making curtains and so on. It is used as a toy store for much of the time, but Millie loves to empty everything out of it onto the lawn and the other day they set up chairs & tables for a picnic tea outside - awww!

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