Thursday, 26 April 2007

Fairy doors

Last half term when we were in Hailsham we spotted some little doors at the Mill that were meant to be stuck onto skirting boards to let the fairies come and go. I thought it was a good idea but five pounds for a bit of pink cardboard? Not a chance. Yesterday I got around to making some for the girls - I was planning to paint some thick card but decided in the end to use pink funky foam. I think wood would be more effective but it is better that I am not let loose with a saw, and I couldn't quite bring myself to ask Bear to cut out fairy doors on his only real day off in the week. I stuck on some glass cabochons for windows, and sewed on a tiny bell from my jingly trim so the fairies can let the girls know they are there. Elsie and Millie chose their numbers and we decided to put in letter boxes too.

Elsie put hers on the skirting board under her chair, and I put Millie's out where she could see it easily. I was pleased with them (and I think they might show up in Elsie's party bags) but they'd be better if I had some better hinges - some of those tiny doll's house hinges maybe. I can't draw and it's no good pretending I can.

Now I just need to plant some evidence of a fairy visitor one night ...

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