Sunday, 8 April 2007

A Bear of Very Little Brain Goes Home

We're on holiday at my parents' house for the second part of the Easter holidays. They live on the South Coast near Eastbourne and there are lots of touristy things to do here so the girls are never bored.

One favourite activity from before we had children was to visit Pooh Country in the Ashdown Forest. I adore Winnie the Pooh. I love the books and the illustrations. I came to the Silly Old Bear late in life - I don't remember reading him as a child and we didn't have the Disney film to watch either.

I'm in danger of overexposing the children to him but so far they seem as keen as I am - Millie calls the characters Winnie-a-Pooh and Mr Bobbin. They are now big enough to handle the expotition from carparks to exciting places, so when we came down at half term we walked out to the Enchanted Place and looked at Roo's Sandy Pit, but it was far too muddy to go anywhere near Poohsticks Bridge (and this is the driest part of the country ?!). This Easter the weather is brilliant, and it has been quite dry for weeks so we brought along travelling Winnie the Pooh from Elsie's class and took him to get reacquainted with the places of his youth.

Yes, this really truly is Poohsticks Bridge. You have to bring sticks with you though as there are none at all nearby - they're all in the river!

Here is the view down the river where Eeyore floated along after Tigger bounced him in.

The girls hoped they would see the animals in Hundred Acre Wood, but we decided there were probably too many noisy people around and they were hiding.

There is a memorial to AA Milne and EH Shepard on a high but sheltered spot on top of a hill - this is Gills Lap (Galleons Lap) and it is so very peaceful you can believe that it is indeed an Enchanted Place.

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  1. Those pictures all look pretty good, especially the three of you waiting for your sticks to emerge from under the bridge.


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