Saturday, 31 March 2007

What have they been feeding that chicken?

My older sister lives in Gloucestershire and is seemingly so talented at all the textile based crafts she's ever tried it's ridiculous. She sells a few bits & pieces, has had shows of the bags and so on that she's made, and has had commissions for her beautiful embroidered pictures. She's a bit of an inspiration and I hope she realises that.

Anyway, when we were visiting her and her family in January she had been making some sculptural pieces in felt. She gave my little sister and I a quick lesson in felting and we were both fired with enthusiasm, As usual I went off and poked around Amazon and bought myself a book, Gillian Harris's Complete Feltmaking. I though it would get filed away on the shelf with all the other crafts I'd like to try and probably won't ever find time for. I was quite interested in the needle felting projects - all that washing and rubbing calls for a more dedicated crafting space than I have at the moment.

Then I saw these felted eggs over at Betz White's blog and realised I simply had to have a go. I tracked down some supplies at Rainbow Silks (fantastic mail order service and naturally dyed wool too) and yesterday the postman arrived with a big fat envelope which is always very exciting! Last night I had a go at making some eggs - they're a bit fuzzier than I'd like, probably they need a bit more stabbing (I can see this becoming a brilliant stress reducer).

The girls got hold of them before I got up this morning and when I came down they were having egg and spoon races with my beaded spoons. Ah.

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