Monday, 26 March 2007

Pink spots and daffodils

The sun has been shining today, so Bear took the girls off to the daffodil festival in Thriplow this morning. We all went yesterday too (have to show willing!) but it was wet & cold & miserable so we didn't stay too long. Elsie has been looking forward to this for weeks - well, probably looking forward to eating ice cream outdoors, if we're being completely honest - so yesterday was a big disappointment for her and we were very relieved to wake up to sunshine today.

The daffodils this year are the best we've seen them; other years the timing just hasn't been quite right but we have been watching them come on as we drive home each day down the Green Tunnel and really enjoying them. Millie loves to look out at the sheep in the fields on the way home. Our ritual is to ask her what they are eating every time we drive past. First of all she would always say "Broccoli!" but over the weeks this has changed to "Sausages!" and "Cake!" and now finally, "Field!"

Anyway, I took advantage of the empty house to finally finish the curtains for Millie's room. A few weeks back I made some pink polka dot curtains for Elsie's room and moved the old blue ones into Millie's room - the intention has always been that eventually the girls would both share the bigger front bedroom and the middle room would revert back to a spare room/office. Unfortunately Millie completely disapproved of this decor change - she loved the pink curtains and is now articulate enough that she could tell me exactly how sad the blue ones made her feel. I felt very mean. I guess when you're 2 the fact that the blue curtains are lovely and warm and very good quality is not at all important.

So I promised to make some pink spotty curtains for her too and in one of our characteristic mad dash trips to Cambridge we picked up the material and I have been slowly, slowly making them ever since. Today they are done! I am pleased with the way they turned out, given the slapdash way I put them together (measure? nah!) but now the rest of her room needs some attention ...

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