Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Spring has sprung ... at least till Friday

I'm lucky enough to work in an office built in the grounds of an old country house, so when the sun is shining at lunchtime there's nothing for it but to venture out for a walk. Within five minutes gentle strolling I'm greeted with this view:

I defy you not to want to cross that bridge and explore!

My walk takes me past lakes and rivers which are currently edged with clump after clump of daffodils. The ground is a little boggy but who cares about muddy feet when you are looking at this:

As I walked through the woods I saw that the sweet violets are out, and as I wandered back towards the office I even saw some rabbits!

There was no need for a coat and I was quite sad to be having to head back in - I wished I could be running about and showing the flowers and rabbits and squirrels to my little ones. Hard to believe the weatherman says we'll have heavy rain and a return to general grotty weather in the next couple of days. I'm glad I got out to enjoy it today.

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