Friday, 30 March 2007

Sparkly spoons

I've been wanting to make some beaded spoons since we visited Badger's tea rooms in Alfriston at half term - really lovely cakes, pretty china, proper tea and bejewelled teaspoons. Yesterday I found time to finally have a go.

Unfortunately I was using some cheapo Sainsbury's spoons which weren't the best. When I tried again today with some better quality ones (Tesco's Finest, no less) I could see that they would end up being better but they were harder to wrap due to their shape - no flat backs and hard edges to catch the wire! I figured out a new way to wrap them that makes them more secure, but starting & ending is a bit of a pain. I was wondering about using some lead-free solder if there is such a thing. I'll have to have another go, though I'm a bit nervous this is going to turn into an expensive project that maybe only I will like!

Bear wants to know if they will survive in the dishwasher. I managed to keep a straight face. Just.

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