Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Going glittertastic

We're big into glitter here! And hearts. And anything pink. Good grief, this house is pink now. And the battles that ensue if one has a pink plate and the other, heaven forbid, a purple one. I'm not entirely sure where all this came from, I was never a particularly pink child though I suppose I did have a liking for dressing up Sindy dolls so maybe that's all part of it. Of course, I am making the grand assumption that it doesn't come from their father's side - Granny Sue certainly was fond of pink.

Anyway, Elsie has been hankering after pretty things to be stuck on her wardrobe since we finished decorating her room. It's a perfectly pleasant pine wardrobe that has space for everything she needs - but I suppose it isn't very girly. So, Millie and I headed off to buy many shades of pink funky foam and we came home and cut out lots and lots of hearts.

I should have done the cutting while they were in bed or something as they were very patient but it is boring watching your mum cut out 30 hearts when you *know* there is glitter waiting to be shaken. Pretty soon they were done though and the carnage commenced.

To be fair they didn't make that much mess this time - they're good at keeping the glitter in the bowls now though Elsie did forget a couple of times and said "Ooops, I have shaken glitter on the table again Mummy!" I had fun decorating some of the hearts too though I wish I had a decent fixative to stop everything shedding for weeks afterwards. I found one spray fixative that does work but smells alarmingly chemical and slightly changes the colour of whatever you spray it on - not ideal.

We strung them on narrow ribbon today so we could hang them up. Of course they both wanted the same colour so I was a bit limited in the length I could make but in the end I am pleased with them. The extra hearts are now stuck on the front of Elsie's wardrobe and on the side of Millie's shelves and we happy with how they all turned out - though Millie wanted hers lower on the wall so she could play with it. Ummmm,you're joking, right?

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